The Milk of Dreams
59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia
curated by Cecilia Alemani
23 April – 27 November 2022

solo exhibition at THE PILL, Istanbul
opening September 8, 2022 from 6-8pm
8 September — 12 November 2022
Wheel or cycle (when time fies out the window), 2022
Guardian, 2022
Kismet, The Pill, Istanbul
Prayer, 2022
Pulse and grief (encapsulated, reactivated), 2022 Özlem Altın_4951_v2.jpg
Translucent shield (calling), 2022Özlem_Altin_Installation_view_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler.jpg
Topography (of time, of body), 2019Özlem_Altin_Installation_detail_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler (1).jpg
Topography (of time, of body), 2019 (detail) moment_Istanbul Biennial_2019.jpg
Each moment is a portal, 2019 view_Istanbul Biennial2019.jpg
Hieroglyph (Transfer through touch), 2019 (spirits watch me), 2019_v2.jpg
Ancestors (spirits watch me), 2019 corrà © 2019 _ICF3884web.jpg
Reiher Ei, 2019 corrà © 2019 _ICF4027web.jpg
Untitled (grow in the dark), 2019
Shape, installation view nGbK 2019
Shape, installation view nGbK 2019
Magician, 2017 özlem altin_installationview1.jpg
Psyche (grow deep), 2018 installation view 10. Berlin Biennale, Akademie der Künste Berlin descend_web_v4.jpg
Dive descend, 2018özlem-altin_Kopf.jpg
Kopf, 2018özlem-altin_Touch-descent.jpg
Touch descend (paravent), 2018
Processing, installation view Camera Austria Graz 2017
Wheel of Union, 2017
The Lovers (intuition); The World, 2017
Container (corporeality, objects and affects), 2017
Ballet (ecstasy), 2017
Black stage (mapping the body), 2017
Death or bridge, 2017
Untitled (Tempelhof), 2012; installation view Salon der Angst, Kunsthalle Wien 2013 of an architect.png
Untitled (wife of an architect), 2012
Untitled (Mädchen im Baum), 2012 present.jpg
Invisible mountains, 2013
Entity, 2011
They are not resisiting our gaze, 2009
Lying, 2009
Springen, 2002