Ed. by Reinhard Braun.
artist book, accompanies my solo exhibition »Processing«, 2017 Camera Austria, Graz
Edition Camera Austria, Graz 2017 (ger./eng.).
72 pages, risograph, 15.4 × 21 cm, numerous b/w and colour illustrations.
risoprinted by Colorama, Berlin.
ISBN 978-3-902911-37-7
Özlem Altın develops her publications, and also her exhibitions, from her collection of images, both her own and found ones. Based on this collection, she has been conducting experiments in which each image assumes its own position, in reference either to the surrounding images or to other present images in order to open up space for our own reading. In this way Altın’s books are organized like a stage where a play is being performed, which is established through the very performance itself. At once open and precise, visual constallations arise that dispel any resemblances among the images, while simultaneously provoking new ones in other places that have not yet been evident. This publication relates to an exhibition at Camera Austria in 2017. Some of the image material was found by the artist in the archive of Camera Austria, added to her own collection, reworked, newly assembled, and then integrated into her specific visual choreography—a pictorial space full of vibrancy, associations, and also full of disquiet.
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