Topography (of time, of body), 2019

in Part of the Labyrinth, 2019
Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, Gothenburg, Sweden
curated by Lisa Rosendahl

Özlem Altın works with photography, painting, collage and drawing. By combining and reworking pictures from a series of different sources, she creates associative connections among them. In the installation Topography (of time, of body), the artist brings together material from sources such as the archives of Gothenburg’s Museum of Natural History with her own pictures. Motifs linked to birth, death, and rebirth lead to thoughts of the cyclical passage of time. The installation is bound together by visual echoes that suggest that the work’s various parts are shifting expressions for the same thing, or forms with the ability to be transformed into one another.Özlem_Altin_Installation_detail_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler (2).jpgÖzlem_Altin_Installation_view_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler_v2.jpgÖzlem_Altin_Installation_detail_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler.jpgÖzlem_Altin_Installation_detail_GIBCA2019_Photo_Hendrik_Zeitler (1)_v2.jpg